Workshop Services

AC Low Voltage Electric Motor Rewind, Service, Overhaul & Repairs - Wire wound Stators - Squirrel Cage rotor bars - Wire wound rotors - Formed Coils Stators - Slip ring Rotors. Design & Redesign Service
AC High Voltage Electric Motor Service, Overhaul, Rewind & Repairs - Formed coils, Slip ring Rotors, Wire Wound stators.
DC Electric Motor Overhaul, Rewind, Service & Repairs - Formed Coils - Armature coils - Field Coils - Interpoles - Shunts - Commutators
High Efficiency Electric Motor Repair, Rewind, Overhaul & Service facility - to maintain Electric Motor Manufacturers efficiencies
Schrage Motor Repair, Rewind, Service and Overhaul
Transformer Rewind Service.
 Inline Reactor Rewind Service
Submersible Pump & Pump Repair Service
Eddy Current Clutch and Brake Rewind, Service and Repair Service.
Electrical Generator Rewind, Repair and Service.
Thruster Repair, Rewind, Overhaul and Service.
Dynamic Balancing of Rotors and Fans

Dry Ice Cleaning/Blasting - The use of dry ice cleaning on Electrical Rotating Equipment is very effective and has many advantages. High and Low Voltage Electrical Motor Stators, Rotors & Windings; D.C Electric Motor Stators & Armatures as well as Generators, can all be cleaned. Dry ice cleaning is environmentally friendly, fast and efficient at removing contaminants, helps maintain the life of the equipment, without using water, detergents, dangerous solvents and without removing the unit from its operational position.

Vacuum Pressure Varnish Impregnation -VPI is a far more superior varnishing system to the conventional "dip and bake' methods, gives the greatest mechanical strength, a cooler running motor due to superior heat dissipation and the longest attainable service life. It is also impervious to oil, moisture and chemical contaminants and can be applied to A.C. Stators, Wound Rotors as well D.C. Armatures and field coils.
Controlled Pyrolysis Burn Out Furnace - Complete with automatic temperature control and water injection, the temperature is regulated eliminating damage to the stator core, with no smoke and odour the Electric Motor stators are burnt out to the new high efficiency standards, safe & environmentally friendly
Dynamometer Testing  to 250 kw -  AC and DC electric motors load tested not just "run" tested, using the latest water saving technology dyno system. All DC Motors are load tested prior to despatch, all others by request.
D.C. High Pot Testing up to 12,500 Volts
Low Resistance Testing
Surge Comparison Testing
"Polarization Index" Testing
Armature Testing,
Broken Rotor Bar Testing without disconnection.
"Dielectric Absorption Index" testing.
General Mechanical workshop repairs and machining.
Welding - Rotary MIG standard, MIG Single and Twin pulse, TIG standard, TIG pulse and Stick.
Dynamic Balancing of Rotors and Armatures - promoting longer bearing life.
Pickup and Delivery - Up to 5,500 kg payload Victoria Wide, interstate available if required