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Allen Bradley Sales and Service


An Australian family owned company; Established in 1982, recognised throughout Melbourne, Victoria & Australia as a specialist company providing high quality products and a superior commitment to customer service & satisfaction.
We Repair, Service and Rewind all brands and types of High Voltage Motors, D.C. Electric Motors, A.C. Electric Motors, Schrage Electric Motors, Generators, Reactors, Eddy Current Clutch and Brakes, Transformers, Thrusters and Pumps.
All work is carried out by our technicians, we do not use Subcontractors or Third Party repairers in any of our repair processes, only using the most advanced equipment, the latest technology in our industry, to provide our customers with a High Quality, Far Superior final product :-
  • Samatic 2680 automatic coil winding machine with DC wizard - making AC and DC coils that are more consistent and accurately sized than coils made using a manual winding machine. 
  • Samatic SA12500R tester  - to carry out high and low voltage surge, hipot, PI, armature and commutator testing, with computerised reporting.
  • Coil Cut Off Machine - Electrically driven it makes clean, fast, efficient, accurate cut offs, without any damage to the Electric Motor stator laminations.
  • Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI) system. The VPI process is superior to the dip & bake process.
  • Controlled Pyrolysis Burn Out Furnace - with no smoke and odour the Electric Motor stators are burnt out to the new high efficiency standards, safe & environmentally friendly
  • Computerised Dynamometer facility  - testing fully loaded up to 250 kw. AC Motors are tested on request and all DC motors are tested after repair.
  • 200 tonne press - to allow for rotor and armature shaft replacement.
  • Automatic Induction Bearing Heaters - taking away the risk of overheating.
  • Rotary Pulsed MIG welding - for the repair of rotor and armature shafts.
  • TIG welding - for the rewind of DC armatures
  • Computerised Winding data verification.
  • Dynamic Balancing of Rotors and Fans.

Servo Motors, Spindle Motors, Linear Motors, Pancake Motors, Permanent-Magnet Motors, Tachometers, Resolvers & Encoders Sales, Repair & Service contact

Our Customers come from the following industry groups
  • Manufacturing
  • Power generation   
  • Sewage
  • Paper
  • Plastics
  • Printing
  • Packaging
  • Textiles
  • Chemical
  • Beverage
  • Water
  • Electric Motor
  • Railway
  • Quarry
  • Mining
  • Automotive
  • Shipping
  • Steel
  • Food
  • Transport
  • Service



Partial list of repaired units - ABB, AEG, AEI, AFI, ASEA, Aliengesell, Alpak, Alsthom, Ansaldo, Associated Electric, Baldor, Bauer, Baumuller, BBC, Brook Hanson, Brook Crompton, Baumuller, Beijing B.J. Brown Boveri, Bubenzer, Bull, CEAR, CEM, CMG, Crompton Parkinson, DEMAG, Dierking, Dorman, Dynamatic, EMG, EMP, English Electric, Electra Faundau, Fasco, Flem, FLYGT, Forrers, Fimet, Fuji, GEC, Gentech, Grusshopp, Grundfos, Heenan Dynamatic, Heenen, Herrman, Hitzinger, Invicta, Ingersoll Rand,  Joki, KATO, KEB, KSB, Laurence Scott, Lincoln, Lafert, Leeson, Lenze, Leroy Somer, Linde, Loher, Louis Allis, MGM, Magnetz, Magnetek, Marathon, McColl, Mecc Alte, Metrpolitan Vickers, Mitsubishi, Mody, Newman, MEZ, NORD, Noyes Bros, Oemer, Pacemaker, Piller, Pope, Reliance, Robot Punps, Schorch, Stahl, Siemens, Siemens DC Motor, Siemens DC Motor Sales, Sicme Motori, SEW, TECO, Toshiba, VEM, WEG, Western Electric, Westinghouse, Winkelmann, Yaskawa.